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NEET-UG Achiever / Repeater
This fully online course is designed for the ex-ALLEN students and repeaters. This course brings to recorded video lectures from the experienced faculties of ALLEN. For an exhaustive preparation, the course provides you an extensive syllabus and well-researched study material, which you can access digitally. To help you with your doubts, there will be Live Doubt Classes along with one-to-one doubt solutions, provided through dedicated app. There will also be internal mock tests along with All India Open Tests for better practice and preparation.

e-ACHIEVER / REPEATER (With IHL-interactive and Happy Learning)

Phase Commencement
Mode Medium Last Date of
Fee Deposition
Last Date to
Apply Refund
Course Duration
1st Installment 2nd Installment
PHASE-I 20/10/2020 6491 DIRECT English 18/10/2020 03/12/2020 03/11/2020 April 2021
PHASE-I [EO]* 20/10/2020 5918 DIRECT English 18/10/2020 18/12/2020 03/11/2020 April 2021
PHASE-II 30/10/2020 6492 DIRECT English 28/10/2020 28/12/2020 13/11/2020 April 2021
PHASE-III 08/11/2020 6493 DIRECT English 06/11/2020 06/01/2021 22/11/2020 April 2021
Scholarship : Based on Performance in NEET(UG) 2020

Application Form Fee : ₹ 500 /-
Total Fee :
₹ 95000/- (1st Installment : ₹ 72000/- Last Installment : ₹ 23000/-)
Amount Deductable in Refund Cases : ₹ 15000/-


Important Note :

Total Amount is inclusive of GST 18% (Present Rate). Fee can be changed, if there is levy/change in taxes by the Central/State Govt.
In English Medium, Digital Literature will be in English language and for better explanation mixed language (English+Hindi) will be used while teaching.

Course Features

(with IHL Interactive
and Happy Learning)
e-Doubt (Live)
Complete Course Coverage Through Digital Classes by ALLEN Expert Faculty
Scheduled Live Classes for Course Coverage by ALLEN Expert Faculty
Subject Wise periodic Live Guidance Sessions on Course Coverage by ALLEN Expert Faculties.
Scheduled IHL Classes for Course Coverage by ALLEN Expert Faculty
Classroom Option When Open
PSM-Printed Study Material
Online Study Material
(Same as that of PSM)
Live Doubt Counters 200 Hrs. 100 Hrs. 100 Hrs.
Internal Mock Tests (every 3/4 weeks)
ALL India ALLEN Tests (10 Tests with AAR-ALL ALLEN RANKING)
1-to-1 Doubt Solution (On Appointment) in slots of 30 min
150 slots
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Eligibility %
For any State Board (XII) current session(2020) Top 15 Merit Students / based on marks upto 50%
For CBSE XII Board current session(2020) [ >= 90% (Aggregate in all subjects) ] 10%
For ICSE XII Board current session(2020) [ >= 90% (Aggregate in all subjects) ] 10%
For NEET-UG 2020 Based on performance [for details visit our website] ( Not Ex-ALLEN Students ) upto 80%
For NEET-UG 2020 Based on Performance (For Ex-ALLEN Students of Yearlong CCP) upto 90%
For Ex-ALLEN Students of Yearlong CCP, taking admission in Leader / Achiever Course 10%
For NTSE 1st Stage qualified Students (NCERT) 15%
For NTSE 2nd Stage qualified Students (NCERT) 35%
For Pre RMO qualified students 15%
For HBCSE Olympiad Stage NSEP/C/B/A/JS or RMO qualified Students 25%
For HBCSE Olympiad Stage INPhO/ChO/BO/AO/JSO or INMO qualified students 75%
For HBCSE Olympiad OCSC Stage Physics/Chemistry/Biology/
Astronomy/Jr. Science/Mathematics Qualified Students & Medalist
For KVPY Written Examination Qualified 25%
For KVPY Scholarship Qualified 50%
Any two or more siblings (Real Brother / Sister )
studying in ALLEN (Same Session)

A student is eligible for only one scholarship at a time, No two criteria can be clubbed to avail deduction in fee at ALLEN.

Demo : IHL Interactive Video Lecture

Biology | Genetics
Physics | Electrostatics
Chemistry | Atomic Structure
Physics | Thermal Physics